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What We Are Looking For

Featured Defender Diamond:  Kaitlyn

Nicknames: Kate, Cowgirl Barbie, Cowgirl Kate
Birth date: March 31st
Hometown: Tulsa
Occupation: Cashier and Customer Service Representative at Bill Knight Ford
Dance Experience: This is my first year with the Defender Diamonds
One word that describes you: Headstrong
Favorite Sports Team: OKC Thunder
Favorite TV Show: Bonanza
Favorite Musical Group: My favorite artist is Miranda Lambert
Favorite Food: Mild boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings
Favorite Quote: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”­ – Will Rogers
Hobbies/Interests: Horses, Rodeos, dancing, shooting, and making jewelry.
If I had to give up all of my possessions but one, I’d keep: My horse Sadie.
My advice to youngsters: You can achieve anything as long as you work hard, trust God, stand your ground, and never give in to peer pressure.
The person(s) who has influenced me the most in life is, why?: Probably my momma, she is the most beautiful, goofy, fun, and crafty lady I know!
Do you have any superstitions: No
Best thing about being a Defender Diamond: Being able to interact with fans and support the Oklahoma Defenders!